Why Community Matters: a Reflection on SiglerFest2k15

This year we at Empty Set celebrated our fifth SiglerFest, the annual gathering of Scott Sigler’s fans. For the last few days we were hooting and hollering in Las Vegas — bowling and singing and card games oh my! — and now we’re overtired, overstimulated, and headed back to the grind. Fatigue be damned, we start recording a new audiobook first thing tomorrow morning.

Back in 2011, SiglerFest started out as a fan appreciation weekend. In many ways, five years later, it remains exactly that. Folks get a ton of time to hang out with Scott, and we work hard to provide entertainment, orange-and-black themed goodies (GO KRAKENS!), and pizza. Always pizza.

Empty Set Entertainment is a small business that would be nothing at all without the great people who stand by our work, year-in and year-out. Every damn day, we’re grateful that our job is to make cool things for cool people. And once a year, we hold SiglerFest as an efforts to give something back.

But these gatherings are more than just us thanking Junkies for being there. It’s also Junkies being there for each other. It’s celebrating as a group all the wins we’ve had since last year, and reflecting on the losses too. It’s a community of friends. It’s the most-absurd-yet-awesome family reunion. It’s the weirdest, shortest sleepaway camp for grown-ups. Simply put, it’s the best.

And really, I couldn’t ask for better than that: I’ve made lifelong friends doing these annual weekends. There’s a part of me that feels like that’s cheating since I’m supposed to be giving back, not gaining even more. But that’s the way it is, for me and for lots of other attendees too.

Even now, sleep-deprived and unprepared for the long drive home, I’m already planning for SiglerFest2k16. Because today — five years later — I can’t imagine why we didn’t do this sooner.

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  1. Arioch Morningstar

    I concur wholeheartedly. I attended SF2k11 & then did not make it back until SF2k15 because of various health issues. In 2011 the focus was more on Scott, but now it’s shifted. It’s amazing how much the Junkie community has grown in those four years. We began as a solid Junkie acorn and have since blossomed into a bad ass Junkie oak tree. Yes, Scott’s still our Future Dark Øverlord. That will never change. Yet, over the years we’ve developed a solid culture that is a blast to hang out & mingle with independent of Scott’s actual presence.

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