Where’s my copy of the GANGSTER? It’s been forever!

May 2021 update!

Here’s the big run down:

  • Back in November 2019, we pushed the publication date to August 18, 2020 because the book required further work to make it the product Scott wanted it to be.
  • Then there was the pandemic, and our print house sent everyone home for three months, and we lost our publication date.
  • In August 2020 our printer declared bankruptcy, laid off all remaining staff and went into conservatorship. We got a certified letter requiring us to claim our existing assets back from them.
  • Once our assets were secured, we couldn’t build a release timeline until we found another printer, got a bid, signed the contract and got on the printing press schedule.
  • We have submitted most of the print collateral to the printer, and will be printing soon, as of this update on May 5, 2021.
  • We are parsing out the timeline to get the books printed, get them shipped to San Diego from the East Coast. Once we do, we’ll send out a newsletter update as well!
  • We expect to have all books signed and shipped by mid-summer.
  • As ever through this whole crazy pandemic, we’ll continue give you any info we have!
  • We’re happy to give you a refund for the book if you’d rather wait until it’s published and then buy. (If you choose that option, you’d lose your place in the numbering.)
  • We have a completed ebook and anyone who has an active order for THE GANGSTER will automatically receive an email with the download details for the ebook. 
  • We’re so sorry this isn’t the news we wished we could give you, but it’s the state of things. What a wild year.
  • Stay safe Junkies. We’ve got great things ahead!

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