It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, and we’re feeling good?

Today is the second half of the big Empty Set North move to San Diego. We did the first segment a few weeks back, wherein we packed up Scott’s office in San Francisco and my office in San Diego, and moved all that stuff into a new space in downtown San Diego.

Then we had Balticon and Book Expo America, so we left the madness and havoc of moving for points East for ten days.

Now we’re back, and today the Siglers themselves are moving out of San Fran. Big things are afoot at Empty Set for sure.

Moving is hard, no matter how you cut it. Our office is a complete disaster at the moment. I have orders to ship today, but before I can send books and t-shirts out to their new homes, I’ve got to find shipping supplies as well as said books and t-shirts. Doable, but harder than the normal Thursday at the office.

Scott surely has it worse than I do though: I’m only moving my office. He’s moving everything. After being in San Francisco for a decade, it’s got to be a little a lot to drive out of your “hometown” for the last time. We’re excited about the move for all kinds of reasons, and there’s a lot of good. Still, tough day.

So if you’ve got a spare good thought for your favorite tiny publisher, today we’d love to have ’em.

San Diego or bust!

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