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The owners of Empty Set Entertainment

Welcome to the new home on the web for Empty Set Entertainment. I, for one, am so pleased to be here, and so glad you stopped by.

Empty Set is the end result of a five-year-long handshake agreement between me  (ARealGirl herself, the Director of Døøm) and Scott Sigler, Future Dark Overlord. It’s the legal entity that formalizes the thing you’ve all come to know as Dark Overlord Media.

What’s that?  You thought we were a legal company long ago? Nope. We were friends, and partners, and working towards the same goal for the last five years: we finally created an actual, legal entity in April 2013.

The reasons for that are many, but essentially boil down to us having been so busy actually doing the work of building a business that the complicated legalese took a back seat to rolling up our sleeves and getting things done. When we first started out, we made a five year plan to build something we would be proud of, and something worth sharing. It’s been a roller coaster ride at times, but I’m happy to say we’ve done just that.

Now it’s time to build even bigger things. I hope y’all will come along for the ride.

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  1. Chromedome

    Howdy yourself ABK! (Do you mind if I call you that?) it’s nice to finally put a face to a name. I’m an avid siglerverse podcast subscriber, movie geek, whovian to a point and I LOVE chocolate! How can you not like choc all that much?! What sort of entertainment are we gonna be blessed with on this here site of fulfilment?

  2. S T Cameron

    Congratulations on running some of that legal voltage through piles of paper and ink and bringing a new terrifying entity to life. Good luck with it and your new home in the webby thingy.

  3. Richard Morrell

    Hi guys,

    Congratulations on formalising a fantastic partnership. The fact that everyone thought this had been done years ago speaks volumes about what an awesome team you are together.

    Now stop jibber jabbering about legal entities and business stuff and get back to producing the wonderful content (books, audiobooks, TV series, t-shirts, etc) that we’re all jonesing for. I waaaaaant Pandemic, dagnamit! 🙂


  4. Twainy

    FINALLY!! ;o) congratulations! Exciting news! Now one of you should GET BACK TO WRITING! I’m gonna go look for Nocturnal audio on Audible … it better be there!! ;o) May this be the legal partnership to end all legal partnerships!! LONG LIVE EMPTY SET ENTERTAINMENT!!! x

    1. AB Kovacs

      Nice! I won’t be there. I’m counting on you to make sure Sigler gets home from the pub crawl early enough to make his early flight the next morning to Nashville.

      Oh, my.

  5. John McLeish

    Congrats to you both, I’m a long time fan and am looking forward to your future projects especially with the new site. Gallifrey Stands

    1. AB Kovacs

      Not too much. I prefer fruity things like gummi bears. I do like white chocolate, and will tolerate the chocolate on a mini Reeses peanut butter cup to get to the peanut butter.

  6. Dr. Baka

    Woot! Congrats on the next stage of this epic business enterprise! Thank you for the hours entertainment you’ve provided over the years! Can’t wait to see what you have in store for us next!

  7. Josh Strider

    Congrats!!! Sometimes in business it’s nice to pull your nose off of the grindstone and see how far you’ve come and where you want to go

    Now that little author man has been put in his place, we know who to go to have him chained to a typewriter. Because I don’t want to wait until the fall for the next GFL book.

    1. AB Kovacs

      Put in his place? You mean right here next to me, working seven days a week on new properties? Then yes, put in his place.

      As for GFL Book V, your only choice is to wait for September 2014. Pre-order starts (on scottsigler.com) on February 1, 2014. Book comes out September 2, 2014.

      If it helps, I can tell you that what I’ve read so far is a suitably kick-ass follow up to THE MVP. 😉

  8. Kefo_of_the_Mountain

    Congrats on the New Web Site.

    And it is a good thing to make it a legal company with all the “incorporation” and “partnership” talk written out in a legal, contractual form. Because it protects ALL partners in the business as well as all associated parties that work with you and for you.

    So. Good luck.


    Janitor for D0M, Rocket City office.

  9. Gregg "TexZen" Anderson

    Congrats A & Scott!

    I am glad to have been along for the ride since, wow, 2006. I am looking forward to the continued kick-ass work the two of you have been doing as well as so much more now that you have this pesky legal partnership thing all figured out.


  10. J.F.Penn

    Great to see you guys making this official, and I am always using you both as great examples of the author-entrepreneur model. You continue to be an inspiration, so I’m looking forward to seeing what you do next 🙂

    Thanks, Joanna

    1. AB Kovacs

      Joanna — Thanks! I’m hoping this site will grow into a bit more of a peek into the other side of things. We see a lot of Creatives who are also their own marketing team, cheerleaders, etc. and I feel like I can be the voice of the folks who watch Creatives they love work-work-work and always wonder how they can help. We’ll see!

  11. Doug

    So amazingly blessed to know you both. Congrats on this next step towards world domination. Keep the good stuff coming. Can’t wait to see what’s next.

    1. AB Kovacs

      It’s been a ride this far, hasn’t it? Hoping to produce even more Siglerverse stuff, and more other stuff too! Thanks for your endless support.

  12. Scott Senften

    I’ve been listening since the EarthCore podcast so it’s been interesting to listen to the progression of the company. Congratulations.

    I’m curious, though, how things work. I understand Empty Set is an LLC and Dark Overlord Media is a handshake, but I’m curious what activities occur under Empty Set and what, if any, activities, will continue under Dark Overlord Media.

  13. Arioch Morningstar

    Congratulations on formalizing Empty Set Entertainment™. It looks like this site will contain many of the answers I’ve been searching for (e.g. Why did Dark Øverlørd Media become Empty Set?). It”ll likely take me some time to comb through, but I’m going to do what I can prior to #SiglerFest2k15. Yes, 2015. And I just found this website today. Cest la vie.

    1. AB Kovacs

      We changed from Dark Øverlord Media to Empty Set Entertainment when we formalized our partnership and formed an LLC in 2013. Prior to that we were working only with a handshake agreement.

      When we tried to incorporate as DØM in California, that name was too close to an already existing corporation name and was rejected by the state (yes, they can do that. Also, no, I do not know what the other company was actually called).

      We tried several variations, then several other options, and finally settled on Empty Set Entertainment, which was acceptable for our legal paperwork with the state.

  14. Arioch Morningstar

    Ah. My hypothesis was that y’all had gone with a more YA friendly name to appease the parental units who held the wallets of the target audience for the GFL/Generations series. I’m glad to read that it was something much more mundane.

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