New book release: FIRE IS ORANGE

Years in the making! Literally! Empty Set Entertainment brings you Scott Sigler’s third short story anthology, FIRE IS ORANGE. The latest installment in the “Color Series,” following on BLOOD IS RED and BONES ARE WHITE.

This anthology includes five brand-new stories, plus Scott’s first-ever published fiction.

Currently available for Kindle (other eBook formats coming soon).

Audiobook: Stories narrated by Ray Porter, Scott Sigler and A.B. Kovacs
Audible  • iTunes


Complex God
A foundation-building story of Petra Prawatt, from, the Galactic Football League series.

A brutal story from Jonathan Maberry’s V-Wars universe. Just because you spend your nights slaughtering vamps doesn’t mean you can’t spend your days baking some lovely cupcakes. Batch it up!

Dale & Mabel
Amidst the carnage of Scott’s novel PANDEMIC, a Chicago couple reminisce on their lives together and prepare to face the future that will soon come.

Fifth Girl (all-new story!)
Be careful what details you share online. A story of a young man’s fascination with a young woman — heavily assisted by technology and a disturbing gift for internet deduction.

Mister Double-M
When you date the wrong person, the wrong person’s ex can be even wrong-er. Previously only available to Kickstarter backers of Paul & Storm’s “Paulandstormonomicon.”

Pink Torpedo
A tale from Mur Lafferty’s SEVENTH CITY universe. The things some superheroes have to do to make ends meet…

Puppet Master (all-new story!)
A writer’s muse isn’t always a positive thing. Sometimes, if not all times, deep art comes from deep pain.

Reunion (all-new story!)
The bonds forged in combat are among the strongest known to mankind. What happens when the comrade you fought and bled with not only dies, but is replaced by the comrade you fought and bled with?

Splashing Contest
The first story Scott sold takes a different look at schoolyard bullies and how some kids fight back.

The Laundry Demon (all-new story!)
If you try to trick an Iron Mage, make sure he doesn’t catch you in a lie. Otherwise, you might end up with his socks in your mouth.

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Amazon Publishing turns 10

This week, Amazon Publishing celebrates a decade in existence.

I remember when Amazon starts this endeavor, and how Big Publishing simultaneously looked down their collective nose and quaked in their collective boots. At that time, Amazon already controlled the lion’s share of the market. The company released the Kindle in 2007. After owning the marketshare, starting to own the medium on which books would be read, the company logically went after the third leg of the tripod — content.

The first book published by Amazon’s imprint was was Cayla Kluver’s Legacy, released in August 2009. That book did not go on to be a big blockbuster for the company, but several others did, including Mark Sullivan’s Beneath a Scarlet Sky and Blake Crouch’s Pines

Amazon figured out — far ahead of other publishers — that controlling the data of book buyers was the key to generation repeat sales.. If you know what people like to read, and you can tailor what books they see when they log onto your site, you can make suggestions that your readers might like. If they do like those suggestions, they keep coming back for more. Even to this day, this is not a model that Big Publishing is capable of matching. 

In the world of books, Amazon is king.

The company has so much data that when they now release a book, they can throw a couple of Wizard Behind the Curtain levers and boom, that book sells thousands — if not hundreds — of copies. 

Amazon’s dominance of the publishing world has not peaked. Far from it. They will continue to grow. As they gobble up big name writers — they just gave Sylvia Day a seven-figure advance for a novella, a 203-page book — they will further marginalize small publishers and even the Big Five. Amazon has deep coffers that the company has barely begun to tap.

Sorry, publishing world, it’s all over but the crying. By Amazon Publishing’s 20th anniversary, they might be the only Big left standing.

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A (very) small step toward Hollywood

One of our long-term goals is to write for movies and TV. One of the big hurdles in getting there is building a resume — people don’t want to hire you until you’ve written a film that gets made, and you can’t write a film that gets made until someone hires you. The Catch-22 is the bane of many aspiring screenwriters, even ones with a publishing track record like Scott Sigler, one of our company co-founders (the other being me).

So when an opportunity comes up to write for an established indie director who has a track record of actually getting things made, you jump at it — even if the movie is only three minutes long.

Scott wrote the screenplay THE PRESENT for director Adrian Picardi. Adrian is entering the picture in the Moment Invitational Film Festival — a festival featuring three-minute films that were shot exclusively on cell phones. This dark noir mini-movie stars Steven Ogg (THE WALKING DEAD, GRAND THEFT AUTO V), Kelly Thiebaud (GENERAL HOSPITAL) and Jordan Matlock (ROT).

Let me tell you this — three minutes is not much time to tell a compelling story. Scott and Adrian took on the challenge, combining to make this dark, surprising tale.

FUN FACT: To share the pain, Scott wrote the script on an iPhone, using Final Draft.

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Nook vanishes from Europe —
Can America be far behind?

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If you’re an independent author, eBook sales are (or should be) a major part of your business plan. All that in-store distribution that is almost impossible to get? That’s not an issue for your eBooks. Your eBooks can be sold globally in most cases, giving you access to an entire world of readers. So when […]

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Facebook groups: how you are getting screwed and what to do about it

Howdy, friends. Are you an author or creator that uses Facebook groups (a.k.a., “fan pages”) to reach your peeps? We do, and for a long time it’s been a great way to get our stories, pictures, podcasts and general goofiness directly to those that want to consume what we make. In the past few months, […]

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Beware the robots … writing robots, that is.

"The Representative" by Nemo Gould

As if it isn’t hard enough to stay profitable in the writing biz while competing against smart people, it might not be that far in the future when we have to defend against the “rise of the machines.” You know, robots that write fiction. Yes, seriously. In an article for The New Stack, David Cassel […]

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Fewer Americans reading print books

With the continued impact of eBooks, the growth of audiobooks, and the ever-present time-gobble of TV, movies, video games and the Internet, is it any surprise that fewer adults are buying and reading good-ole print? A new study by the Pew Research Center states that “seven-in-ten American adults (72%) have read a book within the […]

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New “Kindle Scout” program
echoes the 2001 iPublish model

As reported in Publisher’s Weekly, Amazon is will release ten titles from its Kindle Scout program. What is Kindle Scout? It’s a crowdsourced publishing platform. In the words of Kindle itself: Kindle Scout is reader-powered publishing for new, never-before-published books. It’s a place where readers help decide if a book gets published. Selected books will […]

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