Achievement unlocked: EARTHCORE is put to bed!

I talk all the time on this blog about the ins-and-outs of running our small business. And how small our small business actually is — we’re a two-person shop. Granted, we’re lucky to have great contractors who we count on to help us bring things out into the world, but when it comes to choosing what projects we do in what order, and what products come to market and when, that’s all on the two of us.

Last May we decided, due to market demand, we’d release the digital versions of EARTHCORE, even though we didn’t have the print version in production. I don’t like to do that, as I’d prefer all options are available at the same time, which is no surprise. But budget, scheduling and timing meant we opted to do it this way.

The digital releases did well for Empty Set. EARTHCORE remains our best-selling audiobook and ebook, still selling exponentially more copies per month than other items in our library. We couldn’t be more thrilled that folks seem to be loving it.

Now, at long last, the final approvals have been made to the print edition files, and the physical cover proof has been signed off on and sent back to our printer. Distribution contracts are signed and we’re (somewhat) patiently waiting for confirmation of our preferred release date so we can share it with y’all and initiate the pre-order.

Although it will all be more real once we have the release date and pre-order going, I’m still going to celebrate the long road to this moment: when all the work for the Empty Set team is done — now it’s up to the printer. It’s been quite a long road, and I’m super proud and much relieved that we’ve made it to here!

Stay tuned for pre-order info coming in the next few weeks. If you’re unfamiliar with EARTHCORE and would like to learn more, just click here!

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