Where’s my copy of the GANGSTER? It’s been forever!

We do have an update, and I have to say we wish it were a more complete update!

Here’s the big run down:

  • Back in November 2019, we pushed the publication date to August 18, 2020 because the book required further work to make it the product Scott wanted it to be.
  • Then there was the pandemic, and our print house sent everyone home for three months, and we lost our publication date.
  • Eight weeks ago our printer declared bankruptcy, laid off all remaining staff and went into conservatorship. We got a certified letter requiring us to claim our existing assets back from them.
  • Once our assets were secured, we couldn’t build a release timeline until we found another printer, got a bid, signed the contract and got on the printing press schedule.
  • Good news is that we have a new contract, but have not yet been scheduled on the actual printing press! Bad news is our original printer what the biggest print shop in the US, so we’re not the only folks looking for a printing press time, and we’re small potatoes compared to the Big Four publishers.
  • As soon as we get on their schedule, we’ll send out a newsletter update.
  • As ever through this whole crazy pandemic, we’ll give you any info we have! And we’re happy to give you a refund for the book if you’d rather wait until it’s published and then buy. (If you choose that option, you’d lose your place in the numbering.)
  • We’ll have a ebook done sometime in January (hopefully since we just got locked down again!) or early February, and anyone who has an active order for THE GANGSTER will automatically receive an email with the download details for the ebook. 
  • We’re so sorry this isn’t the news we wished we could give you, but it’s the state of things. What a wild year.
  • Stay safe Junkies. We’ve got great things ahead!

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