Spring is coming.

Spring is technically here already. Nonetheless, it’s a new season at Empty Set.

For the first time in the five plus years we’ve been working together, we have a deadline-free moment. Don’t get me wrong, between Scott and me we still have eleventy skillon things ongoing and past-due, but the ever-present, ominous novel deadline or two? So dozens of people aren’t kept waiting and therefore unpaid?  We do not currently have one of those.

It’s glorious.

We’re still quite busy in the Spring, clearing out projects that have had to take a backseat to the deadlines.

Scott will be pretty busy in April nonetheless:

  • Finishing his part of THE RIDER, a GFL Novella co-written with Paul Cooley
  • Finishing his part of THE REEF, a GFL Novella  co-written with Matt Wallace
  • Finishing his part of THE GANGSTER, a GFL Novella co-written with Nathan Lowell
  • Recording some GFL audio
  • Finishing a long-pending video project.

Me? I’ve got a healthy list too:

  • Finally (hopefully) sending THE ALL-PRO and THE MVP paperbacks to print
  • Putting all four existing GFL novels up at Audible (MVP & ALL-PRO up already)
  • Managing the CHAMPION in the editing process.
  • Gearing up a relaunch of the galacticfootballleague.com site
  • Trying to blog here more often, clearly a challenge for me

I’ll check in throughout the month with updates on all of the above. If we get this all sorted, there will be things checked off the “To Do” list that have been on it … pretty much since we started the list.


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