THE ROOKIE now available on Audible!

THE ROOKIE went on sale today at Audible, which means now all four Galactic Football League books are available for your enjoyment in all formats.  And all four books (and all future books) are Young Adult friendly.

You can get it here.

It’s a thrilling thing to check off our to-do list.  We’ve been working on the GFL print books since 2009, and it took until tonight’s publication of the re-recorded ROOKIE audiobook to have all formats in sync.

Big thanks to Scott for carving out time to finish the re-recording in the midst of four other novel deadlines.  And to Steve “The Iceberg” Riekeberg, our sound engineer, for awesome attention to detail and unfailing dedication to making sure the book was done right.

On a personal note: I’m really proud of this new audio version. It fulfills a promise we made to each other back when we started this business with a handshake agreement. We agreed if we were going to go the distance, we needed to learn as we went, and adjust accordingly. And we always had to do the right thing. The ROOKIE audio joining the rest of the YA products is exactly that: the right thing.

I’m pleased, and I hope you will be too.

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