Hello again!

Hoo! Nothing like making a big splash, patting myself on the back, then disappearing for a month! Oy!

A quick note here to start things up again, then a new post (tomorrow, not in a month!) about what Empty Set will be all about.

If you’re wondering what keeps a gal from making her third blog post when really, how hard could it be? — I’ll tell you!

Since I last wrote we’ve:

  • Finalized the audiobook for NOCTURNAL and finally got that up on Audible
  • Finalized the deal with the new distributor to release THE ALL-PRO and THE MVP in paperback (coming in February!
  • Recorded the final bits of THE ROOKIE audiobook (the new YA version)
  • Launched a new store over at scottsigler.com with all new graphics
  • Did initial consultation and work on the dust jacket art for THE CHAMPION
  • Did most of the first-draft review of THE CHAMPION
  • Managed all the travel logistics around Scott’s PANDEMIC Tour in January
  • Made a trip to LA where we got one step closer to something BIG for EmptySet AND got to visit the set of JUSTIFIED.

And that’s just what we’ve done at Empty Set.  Since we both ostensibly hold two jobs, we each had other successes too:



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  1. Arioch Morningstar

    Did FLIER get published somewhere back in 2013? I don’t recall seeing it on any of @BigJohn’s bibliographies.