Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving

It’s Thanksgiving in the US, and I have a lot to be thankful for:

Empty Set is great in so many ways thanks to lots of talented folks:

  • Matt Murray of Filament72 designed our theme (and the scottsigler.com theme) and tweaked WordPress so that it does what it does and looks good doing it. He’s a total WordPress pro and I can’t recommend him highly enough: easy to work with, flexible, responsive, creative and unflappable.
  • Len Peralta of Geek-A-Week fame works with Matt and continues to provide overall guidance and tactical input for the creation of the Empty Set home on the web.
  • Alex White of the Gearheart designed our Empty Set logo. In one 90-minute session he teased out a clean, crisp logo that is at once very much us and is still fresh and new. He made what could have been a very stressful process fun and easy.
  • Scott E. Pond, our “in-house” designer at Empty Set is always up for scheming and plotting and planning new beautiful things. His graceful work can be seen in most of our physical products.
  • Donna Mugavero at Sheer Brick Studio designs the interiors for our print books, and is our Diva of Design. Her support of all things Empty Set is instrumental in our navigating this new path, and we’re grateful for it.
  • eBook Architects create our eBooks. They deliver exceptional work with a lifetime guarantee, and as formats change, they do too. Professional, creative, and efficient.

As a Creative Adjacent, I’d be nothing without the creative part of this equation.  Scott is at his best when he’s being the Creative, but is also the best partner I could ask for in and endeavor like this one, where everyday brings a new thing to learn, a new challenge, a different decision.

Family & Friends:
This is the first Thanksgiving in years that I’ll spend with my parents, and I couldn’t be more thrilled.  I’m lucky to have a healthy husband, great friends and a safe, happy home to enjoy today and everyday.  As the daughter of two US Army Veterans, I’m grateful for the protection and safety those who serve provide as well.

Did you really come back here on Day Two, which is also a holiday for many of you (and prime football watching time) just to see this?  Yeah, that’s absolutely something to be thankful for. And so I am.

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