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This week at Empty Set Entertainment

While I will continue to post things at scottsigler.com, and (someday) when he’s not under dual deadlines (which will happen someday if it kills me) Scott will probably blog over here — now that Empty Set Entertainment is branching off into new things, it seemed like the right time to break out a new home on the web.

I’ll be spending more time talking about the back-of-house stuff that goes on around these parts. We know there are so many creatives out there who do all their own creative adjacent work, and I get emails now and then asking how we do things here, and why, and when.  So, perhaps bringing some of that out into the light might be helpful (and embarrassing — as I do my fair share of bumbling towards greatness, shall we say).

There’s lots to talk about:

  • How and why we pursued a paperback distribution deal.
  • How to manage the logistics of a 2000 book preorder.
  • How we do multi-city, multi-state tours without breaking the bank.
  • How to manage the creative who wants to do and try all the things to reach new fans.
  • Why SiglerFest is so important to the brand, and to us as a team.

But, that’s stuff we’ve already talked about. There’s NEW relationships too:

  • We’re working with the sublime Christof Laputka on his Leviathan Chronicles as it branches out in 2014.
  • We’ve brought the brilliant J.C. Hutchins on board to curate our GFL novellas into a print version, and to write one of his own!
  • We’ve added our support to Worldbuilders, and want to be good partners there.

Last, I promise not every single post I write will be full of bullet lists. I mean, this one is, but they won’t all be.

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