“Why can’t I buy an ebook/print book/audiobook of EARTHCORE?” is the question I most frequently get in the form of an aggressive email.

Sometimes folks think it’s some kind of marketing ploy we’re running. Sometimes they think we’re holding out until big publishing gets smart and buys it. Mostly they are frustrated because they don’t listen to books, and therefore haven’t been able to complete their Siglerverse consumption since EARTHCORE is only available as a free, downloadable Podiobook.

To be clear, I’m not complaining about folks so invested in having read all of Scott’s work that they’re cranky they can’t get their EARTHCORE on. It’s just not as simple as all that.

You can read the whole timeline in Scott’s post over at scottsigler.com. He also talks a bit about why a re-write is necessary at this point. His why’s and whatnot all have to do with the story and the Siglerverse and continuity. Mine are quite different.

As I say all the time, we’re a very small shop. And a small shop made up of two very particular people with high standards for what gets branded by us. And I won’t put out something that’s not as good as I think it can be. I have been there, done that — I just didn’t know better at the time. Now that I do? Never again.

Which means that EARTHCORE needs rewriting before it becomes an Empty Set book. It needs updating and bringing into the Siglerverse timeline, certainly, but it also just needs another go-round now that Sigler’s been a full-time writer for eight years (at least). He’s a better writer, and if we’re going to put our brand on a new version, it needs to be better. And if there’s a new edit, there should be a new cover. Which also takes time and management and artistic decision making. (Not by me, mind you, that’s all Sigler.) And all of that needs to be as good as it can be before we sink thousands of dollars into it’s production.

That’s good with me. Taking the time to do it right, one last time, is the right choice here. Now that Scott is editing, I expect the ebook and audiobook will be out sometime in 2015. But the only thing I’m willing to promise is that whenever it makes it out of our shop it will have been worth the wait.



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  1. Todd Taylor

    You tell ’em A! Take your time and do it right. It will definitely be worth the wait. I appreciate all you guys do to deliver us fans quality, entertaining stories.

  2. BigJohn

    As my good friends in the SOS band, said,

    “Now, Siggy we can do it
    Take the time
    Do it right
    You can do it, Siggy
    Earthcore all night”

    (It was a B-side remix)

  3. Andrew Ford

    I agree that doing it right takes time, but please for (insert profanity here) sake, provide us some kind of update here or on Scott’s site. No news is BAD news with books now days. A Percentage, a date, an excuse. Something. Has earthcore become vapor?

  4. Andrew Ford

    Thanks for the reply and the direction to it on Friday night fix! I loved it! You two make a good team and are funny as hell! Thanks!

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